Aux Fleurs Folies

Aux Fleurs Folies, a florist based in Montreal, is looking for a website where customers can book bouquets or plants online. A website like this is designed for customers who get bouquets regularly and need to make a purchase before going to the store.





UX&UI Design

Graphic Design


2023 March


Create an eye-catching and easy-to-use product that meets the client's needs. Local florists often have outdated designs that don't appeal to their target audience or don't have a website. Users were also unable to have a flowless online purchase experience due to unclear website structure and poor copywriting.

Pain point


There is too much information on many florist sites, and the site map is confusing. It is difficult to use for users.

Dated data

Shops don't update their websites frequently enough, resulting in misleading information.


In order for users to return to the same shop, they need a reason to do so.


Information architecture must be built before wireframes or any visuals are created.

User flow

This user flow shows the user's journey from the homepage to the checkout page.


On the basis of my findings with potential users, I focused on two main directions: a simple navigation system with a clear naming system that will assist users in finding the website, as well as providing only essential information to ensure that users are not confused.

Design decision

The user interface of the products was designed in a clean, minimalist, elegant manner in order to separate them from their competitors in the market.

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