Rise Up

Rise up is a family-owned food truck that is looking for a mobile application for its regular customers so that they can keep track of their food thoughts using a mobile device while on the go.

Project Type


Visual Identity

Web Design


Brand Strategy

UI Design

UX Design


Local food trucks typically don’t invest time and money in developing a mobile application focused on a review system; as a result, users tend to use other platforms instead. Another issue is the necessity of informing returning users to download and utilize the app after making a purchase.

Pain point


Food trucks are often the only option available to people with busy schedules, yet they still want to provide feedback to ensure their voices are heard.


Some platforms used for reviewing food do not offer assistive technologies.


Menus filled with excessive text and unclear buttons often leave users feeling puzzled.


For Rise Up app to provide a smooth user experience, users need a clear understanding of its functionality.

User flow

User flow is needed for better understanding the application structure.


Based on my findings with target audiences, I decided to limit the content of the Rise up app to get started. Users can give their opinions on everything from food to storage by keeping it simple and straightforward.

Design decision

In order to remain consistent throughout the entire process, a simple yet effective design system was set up right from the start.

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