Maintaining daily activities is easy with MedCare, a pill reminder and mind tracker. Market competitors offer outdated designs with unclear site architectures. The goal of MedCare is to provide users with a cross-platform device that allows them to track, record, and note their medications, as well as track their moods through a modern, functional, and clean website.

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Visual Identity

Web Design


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UX Design


There is a major frustration among users that they have not been able to find an effective pill reminder/mood tracker that is cross-platform, synchronizes in real time, and is easy to use.

Pain point


People want to track their medication and mood on a daily basis, but can't find an app that is both easy to use and visually appealing.


Many pill reminder products have excessive information and confusing site maps, making them difficult for users to navigate.

Single Platform

While most pill reminder apps don’t support multiple platforms, users desire the ability to use them on desktops and tablets. The lack of options in a product frustrates them.


To make MedCare seamless across platforms, users need a clear plan on how it works.

User flow

User flow is needed for better understanding the application structure.


As a starting point, I asked myself a few questions. Who are the MedCare users? Are they interested in archiving specific goals? What are the benefits of using this application? Why is it necessary to make this application cross-platform? Interviewing a few participants later on, it shows people have the same goal: They want to take more responsibility for their bodies, both physically and mentally. It is my job to develop an app that helps people track their needs wherever, whenever they want, on whatever device they prefer.

Design decision

This is an all-age application, so the site architecture and design need to be simple, clear, and easy to use. In order to help designers design fast and consistently across all platforms, a design system is introduced. Styles can be changed and edited easily later on. I created a design with a vibrant color palette, rounded corners, and minimal decorative background. Users can easily navigate through the pages this way.

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